Code Enforcement

The Code Division is comprised of one Senior Code Officer and six Code Enforcement Officers. These individuals have the task of investigating complaints, and enforcement of City Housing Ordinances, regarding both owner and non-owner, occupied structures.


This division also plays a major role in the demolition process of abandoned and structurally unsafe buildings within the City. This is completed in part by conducting a field inspection and assessing the status of the building(s), then working with our clerical staff to research property records, current owner information, and related documentation.

Housing Stock

The City of Canton Code Enforcement Division is responsible to its residents to see that the housing stock in the City is maintained in a decent, safe and sanitary condition. In accordance with Section 1351 of the Codified Ordinance, non-owner occupied properties are required to be registered with this division.

Registrations & Inspections

All non-owner occupied properties shall be registered yearly. An inspection will be required for all new non-owner occupied properties. An interior inspection may be required as stated in Chapter 1351 of the Canton Codified Ordinances.

Schedule an Inspection

To schedule an inspection or obtain general information, please call the Code Enforcement Division at 330-430-7800.

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