Zoning involves land use. Before any new construction; building, addition to a building, accessory structure or sign is erected, a zoning permit is required. This includes:

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Sheds
  • Swimming pools
  • Telecommunication towers and antennas

Placement & Regulations

Zoning also determines where items can be placed on a property. Building permits may also be required. If a building permit is required, it must be obtained before the commencement of work. Zoning also regulates what uses can go where. Such as, before a business starts up or property is purchased or leased for a use, zoning should be contacted to determine if the proposed use is legal there.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning also administers the Zoning Board of Appeals for variances, and conditional uses, other zoning related cases and has the City of Canton's flood plain information. To apply for a variance before the Zoning Board of Appeals, you must supply addresses of property owners in the area, fill out an application form, and pay a fee of $75. 

You will then be scheduled for the next regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals, which meets every third Tuesday of the month. Paperwork should be filed one month in advance.

Zone Changes

Zone changes (reclassification of a property such as residential to business, single to multi-family, business to industrial) are filed through the Planning Department in City Hall. To speak with a representative, please call 330-438-4132 and ask for Matt Bailey.

Commercial Zoning Request

For commercial zoning request, please contact the Zoning Inspector by calling 330-438-4726.

Zoning Forms and Documents