Site Plans & Structures

Cellular Towers & Antennas

All requests for new cellular towers/antennas must be taken before the Zoning Board of Appeals with special requirements. Call the Zoning Inspector at 330-438-4726.


Fences are allowed to be placed up to the property line. No barbed wire is allowed in a residential area. In a residential area, the maximum height in the front yard is four feet, along the side of the house is six feet, and in the rear yard, it is eight feet. Permission to properly install a fence is not needed from the neighbor.

Sheds / Garages

Sheds are 200 square feet or smaller. Anything larger is a garage. There is a fifteen-foot maximum height. Only one detached garage per residence


Setbacks from the property lines are the same for both. If the property is surrounded by land, then four feet from the rear line and five feet from the sides. These are minimums-the distance can always be larger.


If an alley is involved and the garage doors are to face the alley, the structure must be twenty feet from the centerline of the alley. This means stand in the middle of the alley and move in towards your property twenty feet. If it is a corner property, to be safe, contact the Zoning Inspector 330-438-4726.

Detached Garages

A detached garage is never allowed in the front yard area or to encroach into the front yard area.

Maximum Size

The maximum sizes of garages allowed can vary. Always, a property would be allowed 720 square feet of garage area. If the property is larger than ten percent of the total property area the allowed size is not to go over 1,000 square feet of garage area. This total garage area would include an existing attached garage. 

Example: the lot is 80 by 100 so there is 8,000 square feet of lot, thus a garage area up to 800 square feet is allowed.

Site Plans

Site plans are required whenever a business building is being constructed or constructing an addition and when an apartment building is being erected or constructing an addition. Eight copies of the site plan drawn to scale, legible, showing:

  • The construction and its size
  • All driveways and parking spaces
  • The setbacks
  • Stormwater drainage

Departmental Review

The time frame is roughly ten working days to have plans reviewed. Departments that will be reviewing these plans are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Fire
  • Planning
  • Stark Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Traffic
  • Water
  • Zoning

License to Conduct a Sign Business

No person shall engage in the business of erecting, placing, installing, posting, painting or pasting any permanent or portable sign for advertising purposes within the limits of the City without having first obtained from the Director of Public Safety a license to do so. Section 707.01 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Canton, Ohio.

The fee for a sign business is $250 with a properly completed application form. For any information concerning zoning within the corporation limits of Canton, call the Zoning Department at 330-438-4726.