Sanitation Rules & Regulations

It is the goal of the City of Canton Sanitation Department to provide excellent customer service to the residents and businesses of the City. These rules and regulations have been established in order to assist residents, businesses, and the department with the disposal of all waste in an efficient, clean, and safe manner. We are truly glad you have chosen to live or do business in Canton and look forward to working with you.

  1. Rules
  2. Prohibited Items
  3. Vacant Structures
  4. Hazards

General Guidelines (Applies to all Service) 

  1. The City of Canton's Sanitation Department collects trash weekly from all City residents and some City businesses. Collection take place Monday through Friday, during the hours of 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM with each customer receiving one weekly collection except in the instances noted herein. Generally speaking, the collection is made regardless of weather, but the Sanitation Department does reserve the right to suspend collection in the event of dangerous and/or severe weather or other emergency in order to protect the safety of our crews.
  2. Trash pick-up will not occur on the following holidays:
    (Trash pick-up will resume the day following the below holidays, and be a day behind the normal pick-up day the rest of the week following the holidays listed above. Friday’s collection will take place on Saturday. Trash pick-up will take place on holidays not listed below.)
    1. New Year's Day 
    2. Martin Luther King Day 
    3. Memorial Day 
    4. Independence Day 
    5. Labor Day 
    6. Thanksgiving Day 
    7. Christmas Day 
  3. The Sanitation Department does not collect or haul construction materials with its normal pick-up.  The Sanitation Department will haul construction material separately for an additional fee. (Call 330-489-3020)
    Note: asphalt, concrete, bricks, and roofing material will NOT be picked up by the Sanitation Department under ANY circumstances.
  4. Tires will not be picked up if placed out with the regular trash.
  5. Paints, unless hardened, will not be collected.
  6. Liquids, of any type, will not be collected.
  7. Tires, certain household hazardous waste, and other recyclable items may be taken to the Canton Recycling Center located at 742 Schroyer Ave SW Canton, OH, 44707.
    Please visit the City of Canton Health Department website at  ( or call 330-489-3327 for more information. 

Basic Residential Guidelines

Garbage and Standard Waste

  1. Residential waste must be placed at the curb no earlier than noon the day prior to pick up and no later than 6:00 AM the day of pickup.  Waste put out after 6:00 AM may not be collected as the Sanitation Department begins their day at this time.  Empty carts/cans must be removed from the collection site prior to 8:00 AM the day after collection.
  2. The City of Canton has chosen to provide each residence with a 95 gallon standard cart.  Residents may place waste beyond what can be held by the 95 gallon container.  However, the 95 gallon container should be utilized first subject to the other guidelines contained herein unless an exception has been granted by the Superintendent of Sanitation. 
    1. The 95 gallon can must be placed on the road next to the curb/edge of pavement so that it can be moved to the rear of the truck for collection. 
    2. The lid of the 95 gallon cart must be able to close completely or an additional container must be used. 
    3. Items within the 95 gallon cart should be bagged where possible. 
  3. It is the responsibility of the resident to store and care for the 95 gallon cart.  Lost, stolen, or damaged carts are subject to a $75.00 replacement fee.

  4. Waste above and beyond what can be placed in the 95 gallon cart must be placed in a resident provided container subject to the other guidelines contained herein.  Resident provided containers must be no larger than 32 gallons, have handles and separate lids, and be properly secured with lids at all times to prevent animal access.  Residents to ensure that cans are not excessively heavy, generally over 75 pounds, in order to prevent injury to our Sanitation workers.

  5. Containers that are broken or no longer suitable for use will be collected by the Sanitation Department after notice has been given to the resident.

  6. It is the responsibility of the resident to keep waste containerized and contained to the collection site.  It is the responsibility of the resident to clean dumped and scattered waste.

  7. Animal waste (feces) will not be picked up by the Sanitation Department unless it is placed in a small sturdy double plastic bag or wrapped in newspaper and placed in a small sturdy plastic bag. Soiled cat litter can be placed in coffee cans, sturdy plastic bags, or grocery bags inside of a sturdy plastic bag. These “double bagged” packages of animal waste can then be placed in with your regular trash collection. Our Sanitation employees can collect animal waste ONLY if those employees can collect and dispose of the waste without coming into contact with the animal waste. Sanitation will not collect your animal waste if it is not properly packaged, or the amount is excessive. Persons who violate this policy will be reported to the Canton City Health Department. Inquiry about animal waste may be made to the Canton City Health Department at 330-489-3231.

  8. Yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, and twigs must be separately bagged and placed at the curb.

  9. Bags should not exceed 32 gallons for grass and 45 gallons for leaves.

  10. Branches and brush should be bundled and tied in manageable bundles (maximum 4 feet in length and placed at the curb)

  11. Two (2) large items per week (i.e. furniture) may be placed at curb side on regular collection day at no additional charge.

  12. Carpeting must be cut down in manageable size (maximum 4 feet in length) and weight, rolled, tied, and placed at the curb for pick-up.

  13. All mattresses, box springs, carpeting, and upholstered furniture MUST be wrapped in plastic and securely sealed prior to pick-up.  Items not wrapped, will not be collected.

  14. Dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes and may be rented for special household clean-outs, remodeling, and construction.  Please contact the Sanitation Department at 330-489-3020 for more information.

  15. Vacant Houses: The Sanitation Department does not maintain regular pick-up at vacant homes. After the home is vacated, a final pick-up will be made.  Collections will resume once a house is occupied.

Curbside Recycling

  1. The City of Canton through its curbside recycling program collects the following items: 
    1. Aluminum/bi-metals 
    2. Glass 
    3. Paper 
    4. Plastic (Numbers 1 and 2 only) 
  2. The City of Canton Sanitation Department provides an 18 gallon blue bin for curbside recycling.  All items for recycling should be placed in the provided container.  If you would like additional containers, please contact the Sanitation Department.
  3. Recycling is placed at the collection site on the same day as trash collection.  Please make sure recycling is clearly separate from trash.
  4. Please be sure to rinse/clean all items for recycling.

Multifamily Residential and Commercial (Dumpster) Guidelines

  1. The City of Canton provides dumpster service for multifamily residential complexes and commercial customers.
  2. The customer is able to select the size and number of dumpsters assuming all waste is containerized between weekly pickups.
  3. If dumpsters are overfilled and/or not sufficient to contain the waste generated, the Superintendent of Sanitation reserves the right to require extra pickups or additional dumpsters.
  4. Large or bulky items may be placed at the collection site next to dumpsters.  These items may be placed at the collection site between noon the day prior to collection and 6:00 AM the day of collection.
  5. These items must not block the dumpster(s) or interfere with the crew’s and or truck’s ability to empty the dumpster(s).
  6. Please contact the Sanitation Department if a large number of items need collected to assist with daily routing and planning.