Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Division handles a large portion of the duties assigned to the City of Canton Engineering Department. With responsibilities that vary from the construction of public projects to storm water management to house numbering, Civil Engineering provides many services to Canton residents.


  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Senior Sidewalk Replacement Program - Qualifying senior citizens are welcome to apply towards this program which covers 100% of sidewalk repair costs and labor if deemed eligible.  Visit the link below for more information.
  • Bridge Inspection - As the 2007 bridge collapse in Minneapolis proves, it is critical that bridges are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure traveling motorists and pedestrians are safe. Our department conducts comprehensive inspections and evaluates the integrity of bridges on a regular basis to maintain high levels of safety.
  • Capital Project Design and Construction - Any capital project - which is a project that is constructed by city government like a building, a bridge, or other large construction project - must be designed to exact specifications. That project must then be built according to those specifications. The Civil Engineering Division administers capital improvement projects for roads, bridges, and sewers.
  • City’s Sidewalk and Curb Replacement Program - Residents (single family and duplex) are encouraged to take advantage of the program to help offset the costs to replace their sidewalks. The program may pay some of the costs associated with the construction that a contractor will charge for the work. Commercial property owners may apply for assistance with the removal of existing sidewalk and curb when installing new sidewalk and/or curb. 
  • Construction Inspection - To keep the residents of Canton safe, all construction projects by private contractors that take place in the public right-of-way must be inspected by our office to ensure compliance with all accepted engineering standards and legal requirements.
  • House Numbering - All houses must be numbered in the City of Canton, and our office is responsible for assigning them to all properties within city limits.
  • Issuing Permits - There are a wide variety of permits required for those who are completing construction projects in the public right-of-way. This is to ensure that only the best construction practices are followed to keep Canton residents safe.
  • Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) Marking - Our department locates and marks city-owned sanitary and storm sewers to identify where these pipes are buried. Always call the OUPS at 800-362-2764 for underground utility markings before you dig!
  • Record Maintenance - Our department keeps records of all roads, public right-of-ways, and sewer systems on behalf of the city for use during construction and other related projects.
  • Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvement - As you can probably tell from the title of this section, our department is responsible for oversight of the construction and improvement of the sidewalks and other decorative elements along city streets. A recent project we just completed involved the installation of new sidewalks and street lamps in a stretch of Market Avenue North from 25th Street to 30th Street.
  • Site Plan Review - A site plan is typically required to be submitted to the City of Canton Zoning Inspector whenever there is proposed development in the City of Canton. Site plans are then distributed by the Zoning inspector for review by the City’s Site Plan Review Committee. The committee is made up of seven City departments/divisions and the Stark County Soil & Water Conservation District. Each of the eight members - which includes Civil Engineering - have a specific role and interest in the review of site plans. 
  • Storm Water Management - When it rains, storm water runoff has to go somewhere. The Civil Engineering Division helps to ensure storm water runoff is properly managed, especially with respect to development in the City of Canton. 
  • Subdivision Plan Review - Every new neighborhood that is built in the City of Canton must first be reviewed by our department to make sure that the new construction will meet our department requirements.
  • Surveying/Mapping/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - A critical function of our department is to survey and map the city’s terrain. By using GIS, we can maintain the most up to date snapshot of any part of the City for a wide variety of purposes.