Storm Water Management

Stormwater RunoffThe proper management of the quantity and quality of storm water runoff is crucial to protecting our community. When left unmanaged, the increased quantity of storm water runoff resulting from development and urbanization can lead to flooding and property damage. The unmanaged quality of storm water runoff resulting from development, pollutants, and other illicit discharges degrades the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of Canton’s lakes, streams, and other water bodies. Therefore, to alleviate these problems, the City of Canton has taken steps to promote proper storm water management.

Drainage Complaints & Questions

Do you have a drainage complaint or question and you’re not sure which department to contact? View the Drainage Complaint General Guidance (PDF) for assistance.

Storm Water Management Requirements

In 2009, Chapter 961: Storm Water Management (PDF) was adopted as part of the codified ordinances of the City of Canton mainly to satisfy regulatory requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water Program. In addition, the City of Canton Storm Water Management Manual (PDF) was adopted to supplement the ordinance by providing guidance, standards, and requirements for various aspects of storm water management in the City of Canton that are not provided explicitly in the ordinance. This is especially important when it comes to storm water management requirements related development or within City right-of-way. Such aspects are:

  • General Storm Water Drainage Standards
  • Storm Water Quantity Management
  • Storm Water Quality Management

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