On-Street Parking

For questions or concerns with any of the following please call 330-438-3203 or email the Parking Division.

  1. Diagonal Parking Spaces
  2. Parking Meters
  3. Parking Violations & Tickets
  4. Payment of Fines
  5. Tow List

Diagonal Parking Spaces in Downtown CantonOn-street parking spaces in downtown Canton consist of both the traditional parallel spaces as well as diagonal spaces. The main reason for the diagonal parking is that it provides more parking spots for downtown visitors. Secondary benefits include traffic calming and many people like the ambiance that is created. 

Diagonal Spaces

Diagonal spaces are enforced similarly to parallel spaces. The only difference is the layout and orientation of the spaces. The diagonal spaces are "back-in" spots; a driver must back into the spot to park and pull out to leave. The diagonal parking was implemented in this was for safety reasons. Although it may be more difficult to back into a spot than to pull in, it is far safer to pull out into the travel lane when leaving than to back into the lane.