Landlord Obligations

Landlord Obligations (ORC 5321.04)

  1. Comply with the requirements of all applicable building, housing, health, and safety codes.
  2. Make all repairs and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition.
  3. Keep all common areas of the premises in a safe and sanitary condition.
  4. Maintain in good and safe working order and condition all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning fixtures as well as appliances and any elevators that you supply or are required to supply.
  5. Provide garbage cans and arrange for pickup (only if there are four or more units in the same building).
  6. Supply running water, reasonable amounts of hot water and reasonable heat at all times, with limited exceptions.
  7. Not abuse the right of access.
  8. Except in the case of emergency or if it is impracticable to do so, give the tenant reasonable notice before entering and enter only at reasonable times. Twenty-four hours is presumed to be a reasonable notice.
  9. Begin eviction proceedings when you have actual knowledge of or have reasonable cause to believe drug activity is occurring in or connected with the tenant's premises by the tenant, a member of the tenant's household or a guest.