The Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program was established to provide purchasing opportunities to certified Minority and Women-Owned businesses with the City of Canton. 

A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is one which is owned and controlled by at least fifty-one percent (51%) minority member(s). Minority group members are citizens of the United States who are Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islanders, American Indian, or Alaskan Native. A Women Business Enterprise (WBE) is one that is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned and controlled by a woman or women who are citizens of the United States.


The City of Canton offers certification for MBE/WBE that are geographically located or wish to do business within the borders of the City of Canton.  

For a complete listing of companies that are certified MBE/WBE, please contact the Compliance Office.

Application Process

Companies to apply for certification as an MBE/WBE should contact the Office of Compliance at (330) 438-4307.  The application process is free of charge, and certifications are valid until the end of the calendar year during which certification is granted.  Current MBE/WBE will be notified near the end of each calendar year that they need to be re-certified in order to continue participating in the program.

Questions about this program should be directed to the Office of Compliance.