March - Careless Smoking Habits Equals Fire

One of the most common causes of deaths in home fires is careless smoking. It has been estimated that 35% of all home fire deaths (about 1,500 a year) and 17% of all home fire injuries are caused by cigarette fires. Over 300 million dollars in property is lost in these fires. Careless smoking is the number 1 cause of fires in America. The Canton Fire Prevention Bureau recommends that precautions be taken to avoid a cigarette fire.


  • Provide large, deep ashtrays for smokers.
  • Do not place ashtrays on the arms of furniture.
  • Most cigarette fires involve dropping a hot cigarette on beds or upholstered furniture or clothing. A lit cigarette can smolder for 20 to 30 minutes before igniting anything. Check furniture before going to bed. Never smoke in bed or while reclining in upholstered furniture.
  • Make sure ashes are completely cold before emptying them. Try wetting ashtray contents before throwing them in the trash.
  • Install extra smoke detectors in smokers' bedrooms and other areas they spend time in.