August - In a Fire, Seconds Count

It started out as a small fire. I was too embarrassed to call the Fire Department. 

Your Actions Matter

Each year many fires that start out small end up causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages because someone was afraid or too embarrassed to call the fire department. During the early stages of a fire, your actions play a crucial role in the safety of your family and the amount of damage that occurs.

When Discovering a Fire

Upon discovering a fire, you should sound an alarm, let the people in the area know that there's the potential for danger and that they should evacuate. Call the Fire Department, even if the fire is small. For every minute a fire burns it doubles in size. Small fires can grow quickly. Only after the first two steps have been completed, should you try to extinguish small fires.

We Are Here to Help

The Canton Fire Prevention Bureau is here to help you! Don't be afraid to call if we can help in any way, because, in a fire, seconds count.