December - Holiday Fire Safety

We think of the holidays as happy times, a chance to celebrate with family and friends. The Canton Fire Prevention Bureau wants to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season and offers suggestions to keep your holiday safe.


  • When purchasing a live tree look for signs of freshness. A fresh tree is green. Needles will be hard to pull from branches when bent between your fingers. Fresh needles don't break if bounced on the ground, and a minimum number of needles should fall off.
  • To keep your tree fresh, cut off about two inches of the trunk to expose fresh wood for better absorption of water, keep stored outside the house till you're ready to decorate and keep the stand filled with water.
  • When placing your tree, make sure it is kept away from sources of heat, like fireplaces or heat vents, and out of the way of traffic.
  • Check out your lights before placing them on the tree. Look for worn or frayed wires and broken bulbs. Make sure you do not overload extension cords.
  • Take care when using candles. Keep them away from flammable decorations. Place them where they cannot be knocked over or reached by children. Do not leave lit candles in an unattended room.
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly. If you'll traveling to visit family and not sure if they have smoke detectors, take one with you.