Planning & Research

Mission Statement

The key to successful administration lies in optimal and non-traditional utilization of department personnel and resources to address present and future service needs.


The role of the Planning and Research Bureau is to anticipate the department's needs and determine which methods work best for the delivery of key services.  It is also this division's responsibility to investigate new technologies in policing and report the results of his findings along with recommendations by the Chief of Police.


Deciding in advance what is to be done, by whom, when and where.  It is the heart of police administration.


Defines organizational problems.  It seeks solutions and innovative alternatives to those problems through the systematic and investigative study of available data on the subject.


  • Capital improvement projects
  • Community services
  • Fleet management
  • Grant writing
  • Information Technology (IT) (computer operations)
  • LEADS Information system management
  • Research - general orders
  • Research - rules and regulations

Learn More

To learn more about the Planning and Research Bureau, call the Police Departments' main line at 330-489-3100.