Uniform Division

The Uniform Division is charged with the responsibility to:

  • Preserve the public peace
  • Maintain law and order
  • Protect life and property
  • Prevent crime
  • Arrest and prosecute offenders
  • Remove, cause to be removed or safeguarded, all nuisances or obstructions in public streets or highways
  • Provide proper police attendance at fire scenes and public gatherings
  • Assist and advise strangers
  • Carefully observe and inspect all places of public amusement, and all places of business requiring licenses to operate
  • Repress and restrain all unlawful and disorderly conduct and practices
  • Render first aid and assistance to persons who may be ill or injured
  • Report unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, defective pavements, dangerous buildings, construction work being performed without proper permits
  • All other matters or situations which are detrimental to public safety, health, and convenience of the public or to the interest of the City
  • Transport and humanely care for all prisoners in custody
  • Maintaining criminal complaints or violations of laws and ordinances as required, such as:
    • Investigating
    • Receiving
    • Recording
    • Reporting
    • Responding
    • Transmitting
  • Maintain necessary files and to furnish such reports, statistics, records, or assistance required or requested by a member of any other Police Division or Bureau, or authorized governmental departments of this or other cities, counties, states or nations as directed by the Chief of Police.

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