Cellular Telephone Policy

Cellular Phone Use Policy

Section 1.  Personal and/or City Cellular Phones or Similar Devices in the Workplace

(a) The City of Canton is aware that employees use City-owned or personal cellular phones and other similar devices including, but not limited to Personal Digital Assistants, pagers, etc for personal benefit.  To ensure the effectiveness of the day-to-day operations of the City of Canton, only those employees assigned a City-owned cellular phone shall use the assigned cellular phone.

(b) City-owned cellular phones shall be used for City business only.

(c) Use of any cellular phone shall be at the employee’s desk or work area during the workday, unless there is an anticipated matter that requires immediate attention.  In that case, any electronic device must be on vibrate mode in meetings and otherwise throughout City buildings.

(d)  Use of cellular phones can be a distraction in the workplace.  Therefore, an employee may occasionally use his/her personal cellular phone or similar device in the workplace for personal benefit, if:

  1. The use is de minimis (lacking significance or importance; so minor as to be disregarded)
  2. There is no cost to the City of Canton;
  3. The use does not interfere with the performance of the employee’s duties;
  4. The employee remains at her/his desk/work area during use;
  5. The employee does not walk around the workplace during use, unless the employee is exiting the workplace;
  6. The cellular phone ringer is off and set on vibrate or silent mode.

(e)    Inappropriate workplace use of personal cellular phones includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Interfering with the employee’s and/or co-workers’ to performance of duties; and
  2. Soliciting funds for any purpose, except as may be used for the expression of condolences and sympathy for City employees. 

Section 2.    Personal Cellular Phone or Similar Devices Used for City of Canton Business while driving

(a)    The City of Canton recognizes that other distractions occur during driving; however curbing the use of cellular phones, while driving, is one way to minimize the risk of accidents.

(b)    The City of Canton is aware that employees currently use City owned or personal cellular phones to conduct City business while driving their personal or City owned vehicles.  

(c) Cellular phone use while driving is dangerous; therefore, the City of Canton prohibits employees’ use of personal or City-issued cellular phones or similar devices to conduct City business while driving City or personal vehicles without a hands-free device.  

(d) Employees should not use a personal or City-issued cellular phone or similar device while driving to receive or place calls without a hands free device, for text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking phone messages, or any other purpose related to employment with the City of Canton;

(e)    If an employee uses a cellular phone to conduct City business in her/his personal vehicle, s/he does so at her/his own risk.  

Section 3.     Violations

(a)    Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment.