Previous Mayors

A Rich History

With a history stretching over the past 215+ years, the City of Canton has had its fair share of Mayors and chief executives. Prior to the Mayor's position being created in 1838, the City was governed by a President.

Past Presidents

1822 to 1823J. W. Lathrop
1824James Hazlett
1825 to 1827Orlando Metcalf
1828John Myers
1829John Shorb
1831 to 1832John Myers
1830L. B. Gitchel
1833 to 1834Sanders Van Rensellear
1835James Hazlett
1836F. A. Schneider
1837Samuel Fahnestock

Past Mayors

1838 to 1839John Myers
1839 to 1840Jacob Rex
1840 to 1841John Myers
1841 to 1842William Bryce
1842 to 1844Lewis Vail
1844 to 1845Geo. Dunbar, Sr.
1845 to 1846Z. Snow
1846 to 1847C. C. A. Witting
1847 to 1848Daniel Gotshall
1848 to 1849C. C. A. Witting
1849 to 1850D. H. Harmann
1850 to 1852J. G. Lester
1852 to 1853B. F. Leiter
1853 to 1854John Lahm
1854 to 1855B. F. Leiter
1855 to 1859Peter Chance
1859J. C. Bockius
1860 to 1862H. P. Dunbar
1862Seraphim Meyer
1863 to 1865J. Crevoisie
1865 to 1867W. W. Clark
1867 to 1871Daniel Sayler
1871 to 1875R. S. Shields
1875 to 1877A. D. Braden
1877 to 1879John Shimp
1879 to 1881James Vallely
1881 to 1885Wm. J. Piero
1885 to 1887George Rex
1887 to 1893John F. Blake
1893 to 1895Robt. A. Cassidy
1895 to 1899James A. Rice
1899 to 1903James H. Robertson
1903 to 1906W. H. Smith
1906 to 1914A. R. Turnbull **
1914 to 1917Chas. A. Stolberg
1917Henry A. Schrantz
1918 to 1919Chas. E. Poorman
1919Henry A. Schrantz
1920 to 1922Herman R. Witter
1922 to 1924C. C. Curtis
1924 to 1926Chas. M. Ball
1926 to 1928Stanford M. Swarts
1928 to 1930C. C. Curtis
1930 to 1931Herman R. Witter
1932 to 1933James Seccombe
1934 to 1935Arthur Turnbull
1936 to 1939James Seccombe
1939 to 1943Edward Folk *
August 1, 1943 to December 31, 1943Albert Fromm
1944 to 1949Carl Klein
1950 to 1951Thomas H. Nichols
1952 to 1958Carl F. Wise
1958 to 1961Charles L. Babcock
1962 to 1963James Lawhun
1964 to 1983Stanley Cmich
1984 to 1991Sam Purses
1992 to 2003Richard D. Watkins
2004 to 2007Janet Weir Creighton
2008 to 2015William J. Healy II
2016 to PresentThomas M. Bernabei
William V. Sherer

*Died in office.
**Harry Schilling served from Nov 17, 1912 to May 2, 1913, by virtue of decision of Court of Common Pleas, which decision was reversed by Court of Appeals.