Community Relations Commission


  • Meetings are held quarterly
  • City Hall

Community Relations Committee Appointees

Name Position Expiration Date
Allyson Bussey Mayor Appointee 12/31/2023
Tonja Marshall Mayor Appointee 12/31/2023
Hector McDaniel Mayor Appointee 12/31/2023
Laura Mills Mayor Appointee 12/31/2024
Fonda Williams Mayor Appointee 12/31/2024
Timothy Miller Mayor Appointee 12/31/2025
Vacant Mayor Appointee  

Membership Requirements

  • Members must be residents of the city or work or own a business in the city.
  • Members must not have ever had any criminal felony convictions.
  • Members must not have ever had any misdemeanor convictions for an offense against a police officer or for an offense involving dishonesty.

Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Mayor. Council confirmation is not required.


The purpose of the Commission is to advise the Mayor concerning the provision of services by City employees for the purposes of enhancing community confidence, improving the operation of government and promoting public understanding of the system of Canton City government. The Commission reviews the Canton Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau's completed investigations of alleged police misconduct and considers other areas of citizen concern regarding the conduct of City employees while in the performance of their duties.

Term Lengths

Two years


Members serve without compensation.


Executive Order No. 2-2016