City Council 

Council Chamber of City Hall
218 Cleveland Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44702
(330) 489-3223


Meetings start at 7:00 P.M.

Canton City Council Meeting LIVE Stream

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Public Speaks

Citizens desiring to speak at the "Public Speaks" portion of the agenda, which is dedicated to allowing the public at large to speak on issues pertaining to city government, shall sign up with the Clerk of Council by 6:45 pm on the evening of any regular Council Meeting on a first-come, first-served basis.

Special Meetings

The Council, by a special adjournment to a day and hour specified, may hold a special meeting at any time and day specified, subject to the requirements of notice under the Sunshine Open Meeting Law. Special meetings may also be called at any time upon written request by either the Mayor, President of Council, or any three members of Council, stating the time and business to be transacted at such meeting. Such request shall be filed with the Clerk of Council who shall thereupon serve notice in writing of said special meeting upon all members of Council and shall otherwise provide notice of the meeting to the news media and other persons subject to the requirements of the Sunshine Open Meeting Law.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Agendas (for Minutes and audio—or agendas before 6/6/2022—go to Agenda Center)

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Current Agendas

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Canton City Council Members Public Directory (PDF)

Group Photo

City Council group poses

Canton City Council 2022
Back Row (left to right):
Peter Ferguson (Ward 8), Pres. William Sherer II (President), Bill Smuckler (At Large/Majority Leader), John Mariol (Ward 7), Greg Hawk (Ward 1), Robert Fisher (Ward 5), James Babcock (At Large/Asst. Majority Leader), Kevin Hall (Ward 6)
Front Row (left to right):
Jason Scaglione (Ward 3), Louis Giavasis (At Large), Chris Smith (Ward 4), Brenda Kimbrough (Ward 2), Frank Morris (Ward 9)

William Sherer II


William Sherer II

Bill Smuckler

At Large/Majority Leader

Bill Smuckler

James Babcock

At Large/Assistant Majority Leader

James Babcock

Louis Giavasis

At Large

Louis Giavasis

Greg Hawk

Ward 1

Greg Hawk

Brenda Kimbrough

Ward 2

Brenda Kimbrough

Jason Scaglione

Ward 3

Chris Smith

Ward 4

Robert Fisher

Ward 5

Kevin Hall

Ward 6

John Mariol II

Ward 7

Jason Scaglione
Chris Smith
Robert Fisher
Kevin Hall
John Mariol

Peter Ferguson

Ward 8

Frank Morris

Ward 9

Peter Ferguson
Frank Morris

About the Council

Canton City Council is the legislative body of City government, comprised of elected officials who assemble for the purpose of adopting measures of municipal law.

The City of Canton is divided into nine wards. Each ward elects one member to represent the ward, along with three Council members-At-Large. City Council therefore, consists of twelve members.

Special Interests

In addition to having the authority to enact legislation, ward council members represent the specific interests of the citizens in their respective wards. Council members-At-Large, represent the interests of all residents of the city without regard to ward location.

The Council President is elected city-wide and is the Presiding Officer at all regular and special meetings of Council, but has no authority to vote except in the case of a tie vote on any issue. In case of a tie, the President’s right to vote is optional and not mandatory.