Flooding & Sewer Backup Notice 

Homes near Streams & Creeks

  • Stay clear of rising water
  • If a creek or stream is a concern to personal safety - please call Central Dispatch at 330-649-5800 for assistance.

Basements Flooded Due to Rain & Sewer Backup

  • Stay clear of all standing water
  • Call our Canton Collection Systems Department at 330-489-3031. 
  • Our crews will respond by arriving at the location of the reported backup to verify that the public sewer is operating properly.  If the public sewer exhibits issues that may cause a backup, the responding personnel will take actions to remedy the potential problem.  If the public sewer is operating properly and the customer is still experiencing a backup, then the cause of the backup is within the customers private sewer.  A private cleaning company or plumber may be needed to correct the cause of the backup in the private sewer.
  • If your hot water tank has flooded, please contact the gas/electrical company for assistance.