Records Requests

The Ohio Open Records Law, first enacted in 1963, is contained in Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code. The law describes what records are available, what agencies are covered, what fees can be charged, who can ask for records, etc. Records include all records kept by any public office as well as records of both non-profit and for-profit private schools.

Anyone may request public records and no statement of purpose is required. In fact records requests need not even be submitted in writing and can be made anonymously. There are no restrictions to the use of records and the Ohio Open Records Law does not specify a time limit on open records request.

Please refer to the table below for the list of Records Custodians for each department within the City of Canton.  Keep in mind that all records requests will be made through the City of Canton's Law Department.

You may make a request by contacting the appropriate records custodian below or by completing the online Public Records Request Form.

Records Custodians

Department Employee Name(s) Phone Number Email
Auditor John Slebodnik (330) 489-3226
Building Code Noelle Broucker & Mary Baer (330) 430-7800 &
Building Maintenance Cliff Graves (330) 489-3275
Civic Center Blake Schilling (330) 489-3090
Civil Service Rachel Forchione (330) 489-3360
Clerk of Courts Kody Gonzalez (330) 489-3203
Collection Systems Lorrie Isla (330) 489-3031
Community Development Karla Heinzer (330) 438-4141
Council Jill Wood (330) 489-3223
Crime Lab Michele Foster (330) 484-4801
Dispatch Lisa Broucker & Amber Staten (330) 489-3100 &
Engineering Lisa Martin (330) 438-6904
Fair Housing Jesse Boron (330) 438-4133
Fire Fire Dept. Customer Service (330) 489-3411
Health Sean Green (330) 489-3231
Human Resources Christina Skondras (330) 438-4136
Income Tax Cindy Allensworth (330) 430-7900
Information Technology David Hodges (330) 438-6101
Judges Mike Kochera (330) 438-4231
Law Tami Ketler (330) 489-3251
Mayor's Office Tammy Diener (330) 438-4307
Motor Vehicle Nikki Sadler (330) 438-6960
Parks & Recreation Amie Blitz (330) 489-3015
Planning Matthew Bailey (330) 438-4132
Police Police Records Room
(330) 489-3100
Purchasing Andrew Roth (330) 489-3245
Sanitation Michael Parker (330) 489-3020
Street Rose Wallace (330) 489-3030
Treasurer Michael McEnaney (330) 489-3261
Water Chris Miller (330) 489-3315
Water Reclamation Dena Watson (330) 438-4807