Warnings / Alerts 2020

As the year 2019 was coming to a close and in the beginning of 2020, the Information Technology (IT) Department noticed a substantial increase in Spear Phishing attacks targeted on the City of Canton. IT has now mandated that all City email accounts be protected with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). All of the users’ email accounts are now using 2FA. No City email accounts are known to have been compromised, but we are seeing phishing (and spear phishing) emails being sent as though they are coming from City employees (but if you check the actual email address that the email comes from, it is not from the user they say it is from).

Around the world there has also been a huge increase in Crypto Ransomware, the main targets seem to be cities, counties, schools, airports, and hospitals (among others like them). The targets seem to be chosen because they can pay out larger amounts of money to get their systems returned to working order.

Public Service Announcement (PSA):

Everyone should take their online security very seriously. Be vigilant in checking out any email that you receive if you were not expecting it to come to you. Check the email addresses in the header of the emails to make sure they seem to be coming from whom they say they are coming from. You should also check (and double check) any links in the email that you are being asked to follow, make sure they are going where you expect them to go to. If you feel like anything is not right in the email, maybe it just gives you a funny feeling, call the sender using a phone number you already have for them and ask them to verify that the email is a legitimate email from them. In the world today it is alright to be suspicious of emails that you receive.