Collections Systems Department (Sewer)

Allen Avenue SE Sanitary Sewer Improvements

  • Description: Project includes final design and construction for the recently completed Trunk Sewer Risk Mitigation Study.   Project will include replacing and/or relocating approximately 3,400 feet of 30-inch diameter sanitary sewer and approximately 3,000 feet of 8-inch, 10-inch, and 18-inch diameter sanitary sewer from 15th St. SE to 11th St. SE between Allen Ave. SE and Cherry Ave. SE. 
  • Purpose: Replace deteriorating sanitary sewers within the project limits and plan for future sanitary sewer needs upstream of the project area.
  • Construction: January 2023 - March 2024
  • Ohio EPA Limited Environmental Review and Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF)


Biannual Update to the City’s Asset Management and Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance Plan Development and Implementation

  • Description:  Asset Management Plan (AMP) and a Capacity, Management, Operations & Maintenance (CMOM) are set forth by a prescribed reporting cycle per the city’s Administrative Order on Consent.   AMP and CMOM are written documents that demonstrate on-going steps needed to achieve requirements of the Administrative Order.  
  • Purpose: The City of Canton has been directed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in its Administrative Order/EPA-mandate to provide a written guidance program for the operation, maintenance, and long-term capital replacement needs for the city’s sanitary sewers. The Biannual Update identifies progress made and modifications to the original USEPA approved AM & CMOM programs.
  • Timeline: Progress Report No. 6 submitted 02/23/2023. 


Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring  (2022)

  • Description: As included in the city’s USEPA approved CMOM plan, this project includes installation of 12 portable flow meters in various sanitary sewer manholes throughout the city.  Flow meters can record and store sewer flow data at each location.  Each flow meter provides information for the sewer basins upstream of the meter.  Flow meters can provide and account for normal (base) flow and extraneous (wet weather) flow at each location.  
  • Purpose: Capacity evaluation is a critical component in the overall efficiency of any sewer system.  Flow meter data provides important information when evaluating sewers, especially those burdened by wet weather backups.  Associated data will be analyzed to further assist development of the overall sanitary sewer system capital improvement plan.
  • Timeline:  Meters installed 04/12/2023.


Viola Estates Sanitary Sewer Realignment 

  • Description:  The project will account for design and construction of approximately 1,100 feet of new 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer starting at 13th St. NW and ending north of East Valentine circle NW. 
  • Purpose: Allow for relocation and abandonment of aged, existing sanitary sewers under Interstate 77 and other high risk areas downstream of this sewer area.   
  • Timeline:  
    • Design: Complete
    • Construction: July 2023 to November 2023


Monument Road NW Sanitary Sewer Replacement  

  • Description:  Project includes design and construction of approximately 1,400 feet of 20-inch diameter sanitary sewer starting at 23rd St. NW and ending at 19th St. NW.  
  • Purpose: Removal and replacement of a large amount of highly fractured sewer pipe identified as part of the city’s CMOM program.    
  • Timeline:  
    • Design: Complete
    • Construction: March 2023 to July 2023


4th Street SE Sanitary Sewer/Siphon Replacement Project

  • Description:  Project includes analysis, design, and construction of sanitary sewers in the following project areas:  4th Street SE from the Warner St SE trunk sewer to Madison Ave SE; Main Court SE from 3rd to 4th St. SE; and 3rd Street SE from Main Court to Warner Road SE. Also included in the project area is the intersection of 4th Street NE and Young Avenue NE where a short section of relief sewer is proposed.  
  • Purpose: Allow for relocation and abandonment of aged, existing sanitary sewers that are currently difficult to access due to location and pose a high risk of failure due to the age of the sewers.
  • Timeline:  
    • Design: Complete
    • Construction: July 2023 to December 2024
  • Ohio EPA Limited Environmental Review and Finding of No Significant Impact
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