Collections Systems Department (Sewer)

Large Diameter Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Internal Televising Project

  • Description: This project will include the cleaning and inspection of the city’s largest sanitary sewers.  Project limits will include the existing sewer from the intersection of 38th St. NW & Guilford Ave. NW to the Water Reclamation Facility at 3030 Central Ave. SW.  Tributary large diameter sanitary sewers on portions of Tuscarawas St. W, Navarre Rd. SW, Monument Rd. NW, 19th St., and Ruth Pl. NW will also be included in the project.
  • Purpose: Identify areas of impairment and re-establish maximum sewer capacity by cleaning the sanitary sewers within the project limits. 
  • Timeline: September 2020 to March 2021

Allen Avenue SE Sanitary Sewer Improvements and Trunk Sewer Risk Mitigation Study

  • Description: This project will include development of bid documents (plans and specifications) for sanitary sewer replacement on Allen Avenue SE between 15th St. SW and the Nimishillen Creek.  A risk mitigation survey of critical manholes north of the project location will also be performed to assist with development of future sewer improvements to replace or eliminate high risk sanitary sewers (railroad crossings, interstate crossings, sewers under buildings, old sewers, etc.). 
  • Purpose: Replace the deteriorating sanitary sewers within the project limits and plan for future capital improvements upstream of the project area.
  • Timeline: June 2020 to September 2020

Asset Management and Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance Plan Development and Implementation

  • Description:  Development and Implementation a formal Asset Management Plan (AMP) and a Capacity, Management, Operations & Maintenance (CMOM) plan
  • Purpose: The City of Canton has been directed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in its Administrative Order on Consent to develop and implement a formal AMP and CMOM plan for the sanitary sewer collection system to reduce, eliminate, and prevent the recurrence and impact of Backups, and a schedule of major milestones to accomplish these objectives.
  • Timeline: May 2018 to March 2021

Drainage Improvements Project - 3013 Fletcher Avenue NE

  • Description: The Collection Systems Department utilized internal staff to install 140 feet of 12-inch diameter drainage pipe and an associated catch basin. 
  • Purpose: Improve storm water drainage in the vicinity of 3013 Fletcher Ave NE
  • Timeline: Completed May 6, 2020

US-30 Storm Sewer Cleaning Project

  • Description:  This project will include the cleaning and inspection of the US-30 storm sewer drainage system between Raff Rd. SW and Trump Ave. SE. 
  • Purpose: Inspection of existing storm sewer system
  • Timeline:  July 2020 to September 2020

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