Engineering Major Projects 


Project Name
Approximate Limits
Estimated Costs in 2023 only
2023 Planned Funding Sources
2023 Approximate Schedule
City Funds $
Grants/Loans/ Other $
11th St SE Realignment and Streetscape11th St SE realignment and reconstruction.  Includes storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water upgrades as well as installation of various streetscape elements.11th St SE from Market Ave S to Cherry Ave SE.  Install roundabout at 11th/Market intersection.$12,437,452$4,400,000$8,037,452
Construction: April through December
West Tusc Corridor Safety Project Phase 1 (Whipple to Smith) Complete reconstruction of W Tusc including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, waterline, and installation of Streetscape elements. W Tusc from Exeter Ave to Smith Ave.                          Install roundabouts at intersections with Broad Ave and Arlington Ave.$1,000,000$1,000,000

Environmental clearance and detailed design:  January - December
Colonial Blvd Phase 1Roadway reconstruction, bike trail in boulevard, mini-roundabouts at Gibbs Ave, streetscapeMarket Ave. N to Rowland Ave. NE$150,000$150,000

Construction throughout 2023
30th St. NW sidewalk and ADA upgradesAdding sidewalks and wheelchair ramps length of projectCromer Ave NW to Market Ave N$53,253$53,253

East Tusc Streetscape - Phase 1Reconstruct roadway with streetscape elements (ornamental street lights, bricks, trees, new sidewalk and curbs)Cherry Ave to RR Tracks$0

East Tusc Streetscape Phase 2Reconstruct roadway with streetscape elements (ornamental street lights, bricks, trees, new sidewalk and curbs)RR tracks to Madison Ct$250,000$250,000

36th St NW Storm Sewer & Roadway Reconstruction, Phase 2Finalize remaining items from project that was constructed in 202236th St NW from Logan Ave NW to Norman Ave NW$50,000$50,000

Early 2023
36th St NW TreesPlant trees in lawn strips of properties within 36th St NW Phase 1 and Phase 2 Project limits36th St NW from Market Ave N to Norman Ave NW$50,000$50,000

ODOT Sponsored Urban PavingResurfacing of portions of Walnut Ave (SR 43D), Tusc Ave. (SR 172), and Cherry Ave (SR 43).  Includes ADA compliant curb ramps in addition to pavement markings.Walnut Ave from  to Cherry to 12th St NE. Cherry Ave from Walnut to 4th St SE.  Tusc Ave from Dueber Ave to Cherry Ave as well as from Riverside Ave to Cole Ave.(ODOT funded)

Construction:  April - September
9th St SW Bridge Replacement, PID 112849Replacement of existing bridge structure with new steel beam structureCamden Ave SW to Shroyer Ave SW$2,959,565$385,478$2,574,087
15th St SW Bridge Replacement, PID 113153Replacement of existing bridge structure with new steel beam structureHenry Ave SW to McKinley Ave SW$1,823,400$23,400$1,800,000
Guardrail Inventory Guardrail inventoryThroughout city$200,000$200,000

In 2023
US-62/Harmont/Lesh Safety StudySafety Study of intersectionsUS 62/Harmont Ave./Lesh Road intersections$50,000
Later 2023
Roberts/26th NW dedication and resurfacingCity to acquire portions of  two private streets as public roads and improve road surface.26th St. NW (Roberts Ave. to Caprice Ave.)
 Roberts Ave. NW (25th St. to 26th St.)

Service Center Upgrade (Impound Lot)Expand exisiting Impound Lot, improve drainage, construct new auction building.2436 30th St. NE$2,327,575$2,327,575

Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek Storm Water Constructed WetlandConstruct a wetland to improve the quality of storm water runoff into the Middle Branch of the Nimishillen CreekVicinity bound by 8th St NE, RR tracks, and Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek$180,000$180,000

Urban Canopy Grant MatchTree plantings per grant obtainedVicinity of Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek, Marion Motley Ave NE, Ira Turpin Way NE, and 6th St NE$50,000.00$25,000$25,000
In 2023
6th NE St ResurfacingResurfacing and trolley track removalWalnut Ave. to The O'Jays Pkwy.$920,000$920,000

Belden NE Bridge RehabDesign for rehabilitation of existing structureMahoning Ave NE to Ira Turpin Way NE$100,000$100,000

In 2023
Annual Paving ProgramPavement resurfacingVarious streets throughout City$3,800,000$3,800,000

Annual Chip & Seal ProgramChip and seal of street pavementVarious streets throughout City$100,000$100,000

Annual Crack SealingCrack-dealing of street pavementVarious streets throughout City$50,000$50,000

18th Street SW Storm Sewer CIPPInstall 2,500 feet of Cured-In-Place Pipe liner inside existing 48"-diameter Corrugated Metal Pipe storm sewer under 18th St SW18th St SW from Dueber Ave SW to Nimishillen Creek just E of Cleveland Ave SW$1,066,538$541,485$525,053
Norman Ave NW Storm Sewer & Road ReconstructionDesign for new storm sewer and road reconstructionNorman Ave NW from 37th St NW to 44th St NW$200,000$200,000

In 2023
15th St SE and Allen Ave SE RR Xing ProjectDesign of street reconfigurationVicinity of RR tracks$50,000$50,000

In 2023
Cleveland Ave NW Streetscape Project Phase 3Design/concept plan for streetscaping and roadway improvements12th St to 30th St$250,000$250,000

In 2023
Sycamore Ave SW Storm Sewer ProjectConstruct a storm sewer to alleviate flooding problemsIn vicinity of Sycamore Ave SE, Watson Pl SE, Purney Ct SE$200,000

31st St NE Waterline and Storm Sewer ProjectConstruct new waterline and storm sewers, reconstruct roadway, install curbs31st St NE from Harmont Ave NE to Coventry Ave NE; Coventry Ave NE from 31st St NE to 30th St NE$1,300,000

$1,300,000Late Summer/Fall
Westview Ave NW Storm Sewer and Paving ProjectInstall new storm sewers to improve drainage; pave streetWestview Ave NW from 37th St NW to 39th St NW; 38th St NW from Norman Ave NW to Westview Ave NW$250,000$250,000

6th St NW Streetscape (Julz)Reconstruct roadway with streetscape elements (ornamental street lights, bricks, trees, new sidewalk and curbs)Cleveland Ave NW to DeWalt Ave NW$100,000
Cleveland Avenue North Corridor Streetscape Phase 2Design for streetscape and off road bike lane8th St. NW to 12th St. NW$75,000$75,000

In 2023
34th St NW ResurfacingResurfacing of street pavement with water line project34th St NW from Shanabruck to Harrison; Culver Dr NW west of Harrison; 35th St NW from Shanabruck to Harrison; Harrison Ave NW from 34th St NW to Franklin St NW$650,000$650,000

Annual PCI (Pavement Condition Index) UpdatePavement condition evaluation and managementThroughout city$50,000$50,000

Annual Striping ContractStriping of US 30 and US 62City limits$100,000$100,000

In 2023
City Fiber ProjectFiber optic cable installation throughout cityVarious$6,000,000

Columbus Rd PavingPotential joint project (pending state funding) with Stark County to pave Columbus Rd and Harmont Ave NEColumbus Rd from US62 to E corp limits; Harmont Ave from US62 to Columbus Rd$599,000$240,000$359,000
Fairmount Blvd NE ResurfacingResurfacing of street pavement with water line projectVarious streets in vicinity of Fairmount Blvd NE, Fletcher Ave NE, Gilbert Ave NE, Ellis Ave NE, Kirby Ave NE, 27th St NE, 29th Ave NE$600,000$600,000

Harrison Ave SW Brick RepairBrick street repair2nd St. & Harrison Ave. SW$150,000$150,000

Harvard Avenue NW ResurfacingResurfacing of street pavement with water line projectVarious streets in vicinity of E and W Harvard south of 36th St NW$280,000$280,000

O'Jays RoundaboutDesign of mini roundabout to replace traffic signal7th St. & The O'Jays Pkwy.$50,000$50,000

In 2023

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Colonial Blvd Project

The links below include the original public presentation and the most up-to-date design layouts.  Several changes were made to the preliminary design, based on input we received during the May 12, 2022 meetings and from discussions with residents in the weeks that followed.

11th Street SE Roadway Improvement Project

The links below contain the most recent project layout and additional information.