Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall

9:00 AM


Ordinance 7/2022

Award and enter into a two-year supply contract, with the option of a thirty (30) day extension at the sole discretion of the City of Canton, with Ennis-Flint, Inc. for the purchase of traffic paint supplies for the Traffic Engineering Dept.


Ordinance 223/2021

Enter into Change Order No. 1 with Musco Sports Lighting, LLC in the amount of $29,725.00 due to additional electrical work for a subpanel pedestal behind the backstop on the JV Field on Thurman Munson Stadium project, resulting in a new contract amount of $689,295.00.


Ordinance 7/2022

Enter into a professional services contract with Bricker & Eckler LLP in an amount not to exceed $350,000.00 for legal services related to the lawsuit regarding the construction project at the City of Canton Water Reclamation Facility.


Ordinance 32/2019

Enter into a Final Change Order with M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. for Year Three of the Water Valve Assessment and Exercising Program for a cost reduction in the amount of $37,511.00, resulting in a new contract amount of $157,088.00, for the Water Dept.