Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall
9:00 AM


Ordinance 87/2020

1. Enter into contract with Economic & Community Development Institute, Inc. in the amount of $30,000 in CDBG-CV funds to provide technical assistance and process payments for businesses that have received CARES Act funding.

Ordinance 87/2020

2. Enter into contract with Stark Housing Network, Inc. utilizing ESG-CV funds in the amount of $52,125.00 pursuant to the CARES Act to assist with the administration of all rounds of ESG-CV funding used to support the salaries, wages and related costs of staff engaged in the ESG-CV programming.

Ordinances 4/2020 & 153/2020

3. Enter into Change Order No. 2 & Final with Wenger Excavating, Inc. in the amount of $41,410.66 for the Aultman Cancer Center Utilities Relocation Project, GP1324 due to sanitary sewer replacement and water main installation, resulting in a new contract amount of $971,534.32.