Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall
9:00 AM


Ordinance 87/2020

Enter into various contracts with Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health and Mercy Medical Center for grants utilizing CDBG-CV funds pursuant to the CARES Act per the distribution breakdown as follows:

CDBG-CV Funds:
Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health for Mental Health Education- $29,500.00
Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health to purchase “no touch” plumbing equipment - $37,525.00
Mercy Medical Center to purchase morgue equipment - $60,262.00


Ordinance 87/2020

Enter into contract with JR Coleman Family Services DBA JRC in the amount of $29,553.00 in CDBG-CV funds for the purchase of hands-free plumbing equipment and automatic door openers for their Learning Center in order to deal with the current pandemic.

Ordinance 87/2020

Enter into a change order with Stark County Minority Business Association for an additional $7,500.00 in CDBG-CV funds for small grants to allow administrative fees and technical assistance to area businesses affected by the pandemic.

Ordinance 270/2018

Enter into Change Order No. 4 & Final with S.E.T., Inc. in the amount of $18,856.03 for the GP1311 Cleveland Ave. NW Roadway Improvements-Part 1, Phase 1 and GP1312 Cultural Center Streetscape Phase 2 Project, due to addition of concrete driveway apron, extra saw cuts and the addition of planters with concrete bases, resulting in a new contract amount of $428,003.68.

Ordinance 105/2019

Enter into Change Order No. 1 & Final with Omnipro Services, LLC for a cost reduction in the amount of $34,094.30 in order to close out the Fairmount Area Water Main Replacement Project Phase I, resulting in a new contract amount of $133,114.50.