What are the key steps in an opt-out aggregation?

With the assistance of a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) certified consultant, a community seeks bids from certified retail natural gas service providers. A qualified bidder is selected to supply the aggregation with its gas for a set period of time. An "Opt-Out" Notice is sent to each eligible community resident prior to the start of the aggregation. Each resident has 21 days from the postmarked date on the notice to contact the supplier to withdraw or "opt-out" of the program. 

After the 21-day period, any resident not opting out will be submitted to the utility company for enrollment in the program. The utility company will send notice of the pending enrollment to each participating resident. Each resident will then have 7 days to rescind their enrollment in the program by contacting the utility company. After the 7-day rescission period, all participating customers are officially enrolled in the program. The new supplier will appear on your natural gas bill within one to two billing cycles after enrollment is verified by the utility.

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