How did the City develop such a program?

We have retained Independent Energy Consultants, Inc, a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) certified broker and aggregator of electric and natural gas, without using any taxpayer money. They have designed, implemented, and administered similar successful electric and natural gas aggregation programs that impact over 100 communities across Ohio. We will have their assistance and that of Energy Harbor throughout the program. We researched the process thoroughly and are pleased with the offer they negotiated. Independent Energy Consultants’ efforts were instrumental in obtaining this offer for the City of Canton.

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1. What is aggregation?
2. How is the City able to choose a certified electric generation supplier on my behalf?
3. Who will be our supplier for the electric program?
4. Is our price for power fixed, or does it vary?
5. What if I’m with another supplier and would like to join the City’s program?
6. Who is eligible for the program?
7. How did the City develop such a program?
8. Does the City benefit from the program?
9. Will small businesses, schools and churches be eligible?
10. Does this affect my distribution charges or the wires coming to my home?
11. What is the toll-free number for questions?
12. Where can I learn more about electric deregulation and assistance programs?