Will we add your event to the the City's online Calendar?

Probably not, with some exceptions.

It is against the City of Canton's policy to add Calendar events to our Web site for entities that we do not already have a pre-existing professional relationship.

Of those entities that we do have a pre-existing professional relationship with, we only add events to our Calendar that:

  • are centric to Canton
  • fits into the goals for this web site
  • are not overtly or covertly commercial in nature (exceptions: Civic Center events, Farmers' Market, First Friday, HOF events, etc.)
  • our citizens will find useful

We also reserve the right to allow or refuse to post any event for any, or no, reason.

We are working to make this web site a haven for the citizens of Canton to come and get the information they are looking for from their local government, we will not allow that standard to be diluted with information that does not move us toward that goal.

If you feel your event will add to the City's goals for this Web Site, please submit it for review.

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