What is water hardness?

Water hardness is an aesthetic quality of water, and is caused mostly by the minerals calcium and magnesium, but is classified or measured based on the level of concentration of calcium carbonate. How hardness is classified is based on the following scale:

Calcium Carbonate Concentration

Soft Water0 to 60 Milligrams Per Liter or 0 to 3.5 Grains Per Gallon
Moderately Hard Water61 to 120 Milligrams Per Liter or 3.6 to 7 Grains Per Gallon
Hard Water121 to 180 MillIgrams Per Liter or 7.1 to 10.5 Grains Per Gallon
Very Hard WaterOver 180 Milligrams Per Liter or over 10.5 Grains Per Gallon

Water Treatment Plants

The water that the Canton Water Department delivers to its customers is considered to be "very hard water" but it varies slightly from our three water treatment plants. The following is a comparison of the three plants average hardness:

PlantWater Hardness
Northeast Plant
429 Milligrams Per Liter or 25 Grains Per Gallon
Northwest Plant
497 Milligrams Per Liter or 29 Grains Per Gallon
Sugarcreek Plant
354 Milligrams Per Liter or 21 Grains Per Gallon

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