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1. How do I handle the 07/01/18 tax rate increase for withholding purposes?
2. What is form 2106?
3. What are Estimated Quarterly Returns?
4. How do I handle stock options?
5. How do I handle Early Retirement - Separation Payouts?
6. How do I handle Lump Sum Distributions?
7. How do I submit Federal Schedules?
8. What if I do not include a payment with my return?
9. What are "Qualifying Wages"?
10. What is witholding?
11. What are extensions?
12. What is the City of Canton Income Tax Rate and what type of Income is taxable?
13. What if I reside in Canton and work in an area with no municipal tax. How often must I file with Canton?
14. Is there an age limit for individuals subject to Canton Income Tax?
15. I am over 65. I am retired. My only income is from Social Security, company pension, interest, and dividends. Am I required to file a City of Canton Income Tax Return?
16. If an individual files late, is there a penalty?
17. Can I receive assistance in preparing my City of Canton Income Tax Return?
18. Can I obtain a copy of the City of Canton Income Tax Ordinance?
19. What is an Independent contactor?
20. What must I do if I am a contractor?
21. What do I do with a 1099?
22. Do I live in the City of Canton?