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Aerial Banner Request

  1. Banner Location
  2. Banner Specifications & Installation Agreement
    1. The banner height shall be a minimum of fifteen feet from the roadway surface to the bottom of the banner.
    2. The banner shall not exceed thirty six inches in height and not exceed thirty six feet long.
    3. The banner shall have double thickness material at the top and bottom with 1/2 inch brass grommets spaced every four feet. Wind slits shall be approximately ten inches in diameter and evenly spaced every three feet. The banner shall have 3/8 inch diameter polypropylene rope installed in the banner and extend eighteen inches beyond both ends of the banner.
    4. The banner shall be installed by the Traffic and Lighting Division of the City of Canton Engineering Department.
    5. The City of Canton shall be held harmless of and indemnified from any liability for damages or injury that may occur from the use or installation of this banner. All liability whatsoever for damages or injury shall be assumed by the requesting organization or individual.
    6. The applicant shall provide proof of liability insurance under a commercial general liability insurance coverage policy with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 of occurrence naming the City of Canton as an additional insured before a permit shall be issued.
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