• New Filter Media in Place
  • New Well Houses in Well Fields
  • New Emergency Power Generator for Plant
  • Framework in Main Hallway
  • Replacing Windows
  • Cutting Concrete Wall to Remove Top Section
  • Foundation for New Electrical Room Addition
  • Drilling 16-Inch Augur Cast Pile, Foundation for New Electrical Room Addition
  • Water Department Main Entrance Lobby
  • Uncovered Walls of the Old Pumping Plant - in Service from 1921 to 1966
  • Starting Interior Demolition
  • Office Trailers Interior
  • Temporary Office Trailers
  • Clearing Ground for Temporary Office Trailers
  • Concrete Pads for Power Transformers
  • Boring Walls for New Power Lines
  • Temporary Power During Improvements
  • New Power and Control Lines for Wells
  • New Lobby and Entrance

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